Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQs

Gold-plated jewelry is created by a method of covering a base metal (usually copper) with a very thin, almost microscopic film of gold by electroplating. Gold-plated jewelry has all the great characteristics of solid gold jewelry in that it does not flake off, tarnish, or discolor. Simply put, gold-plated jewelry is a great, economical alternative to solid gold.

Our products will not turn green unless they become highly damaged. For our products that are not solid gold, wear and tear will happen depending on use. However, because our products are high quality and durable, they will not fade for at least 8-16 months under normal use.

Please go to our Return Policy page to return or exchange an item.

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- Avoid using chemicals on products like perfumes and soaps
- Keep the product free from excessive water or sweat
- Use a soft cloth for cleaning the product
- Do not mix the product with other metals